After our journey through Florida, we treat ourselves a few days on the Bahamas. Very early in the morning, we fly from Miami to Cat Island, taking the Sky Bahamas airline. As far as the plan. But already at the intermediate stop in Nassau, a storm catches us and we are glad that we can land there at all. After our landing the airport gets closed and nothing is going on. The wind whistles, the roof is leaking and it’s dripping from the ceiling everywhere. This isn’t how we had imagined our first Caribbean trip. Now it's called waiting. In the evening suddenly a short time window opens and 2 or 3 planes are allowed to start. Fortunately including one to Cat Island. We can’t land in Arthur's Town as planned, but New Bight is open. From there we get a driver and so we arrive quite late in Shanna's Cove.

After the strenuous journey, we just want to relax the next day. We enjoy the beautiful white sand beach, go snorkeling and paddle along the coast by a kayak.

At 7.30 p. m. all guests meet for a sundowner at the terrace and have dinner together afterwards. As there are only 5 bungalows, we quickly get in touch with each other and so the day ends with laughing, dancing and Frank's imaginative drinks. At all, Gabi and Frank are great hosts, with whom you immediately feel at home.

We are quite north of the island. Here isn’t much going on – there’s no real village, no shopping streets, bars or other infrastructure. Most tourists are honeymooners who are looking for privacy and only want to enjoy the great climate and the beach. But of course we find a few things that are worth looking at.

"The Hermitage" is a monastery, situated on the highest elevation - after all 63! meters. We learn that, instead of the former cotton, Cascarilla bark is now being exported and is used for the Campari production in Italy. We also discover a bat cave. Unfortunately, Chris is injured on the way back. The next day, the evil graze on his leg swells up and the feeling of thousand bites of the sandfleas shows us that even a paradise has its dark sides.

Once a week, Gabi and Frank organize dinner at a nearby local restaurant called "Da Smoke Pot". One can choose between fresh fish or chicken and after the meal music is performed and all people are dancing. Julian, the owner, tells us that they were even invited to London to play in front of the Queen.


We can’t speak for the Bahamas in general, but for Cat Island. Here it is great to chill. People are totally relaxed. We had a great time, but spending a whole week would have been too long for us. The Bahamas are also quite expensive. Since the island is not self-sufficient and everything needs to be imported, food and accommodation are absolutely high-priced.
Frank, who is also a dive instructor, has now expanded his diving base and offers great diving tours.
Our hot spot on Cat Island: