In August 2015 we drive to England. Our headquarters is in the coastal town of Falmouth in Cornwall. From here, as we are travelling by car, we can explore the surroundings. But first, of course, we are exploring Falmouth itself.

As Cornwall is also a region for surfing, we booked a 2-day course. As we wake up this morning, we hear the wind whistling and the rain rattling against the window. But as surfing is a water sport, there is no excuse and we go to Porthtowan, where we are immediately equipped with neoprene suits and surfboards. The heavy sea does not make it any easier and so this first attempt is not really successful.

In Newquay, we can watch the pros. In general, it is very lively here. The many surf shops and bars attract a lot of young people. The location on the cliffs with the nearby sandy beaches is really great.

Next day the storm is over and we drive to Land's End in brilliant weather. At the very top, of course, everything is already commercialized, but if you park a bit off, you can walk for hours on a Coastpath. Again and again, you get breathtaking views of the cliffs to the sea.

Very impressive is the Minack Theater, a unique open-air theater in the cliffs. We continue to Praa Sands, where we sit in at the beach watching the surfers.

Next day a boat trip to Truro is on our schedule. Because it is low tide, we can’t drive directly to the port. We have to take a bus for the last part of the route. The most famous building in Truro is the cathedral, which is visible from a distance. The former iron foundries, however, are hard to be seen. Funny is a small church, which has been converted into a restaurant with a bar.

St. Ives is a beautiful town, but since we are here on weekend, it is totally overflowed. Whether on the beach, on the promenade or in the pubs - there is hardly a free place to be found.

In Tintagel, which we visit the next day, the terrain is so vast that the visitors are well distributed. People tell that Tintagel has been King Arthur's Camelot. It is unclear if it ever existed, but the souvenir shops in the nearby village still make a huge business with it.

On our last day in Cornwall, we drive to Newquay again. We have breakfast at the Watergate Bay Hotel (absolutely recommended!), go to the aquarium and visit a stunt show. We have already got used to the rain, because, except for our trip to Land's End, the gloomy weather has always accompanied us.

We still have 2 days in London, where you can’t miss the classic sightseeing spots like Tower Bridge, Tower, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and the famous London Eye. We arrive on last Monday in August, and there is the big carnival parade in Notting Hill. All roads are clogged and the buses are extremely late. A bit off the beaten track we find a good Korean restaurant and after the 7-hour drive from Cornwall, we soon feel tired.

The next day we have breakfast at the "Kipferl", a café with Viennese charm. After we have waited for the first rain, we start our sightseeing tour. As usual, the Hardrock Café is also on our list. We go there where ever we find one.
On our last day we go to the "London Dungeon" and then the holiday is over again.


Cornwall has a lot to offer: a beautiful scenery and many historical and cultural highlights. Unfortunately, the prejudice that it rains a lot and that the food is not so good has been confirmed. So, just weatherproof and then you discover not only the kitschy romantic Rosamunde Pilcher-Cornwall but also its modern, open-minded sides.

Our top ten tips:

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