St. Petersburg

Saint Petersburg awaits us with temperatures below zero, but bright sunshine. Our hotel (Majestic Boutique Hotel) has sent us Konstantin as a driver so we can quickly reach the city center. It's late afternoon, and we decide to go on for a first walk. Without looking for something specific we already discover the Blood Church and the Palace Square with the Eremtiage. The sunset bathes everything in warm colors and the full moon illuminates the scenery. What a wonderful start to the weekend.

The next morning we buy comfortable shoes for Chris. Afterwards, we go on with the city bus. We drive to the Petrogradsky district. There we see the first house from which Tsar Peter founded the city. Nearby, the warship Aurora is at anchor. It is a museum today, but played a role in the October Revolution, since from here a cannon shot was delivered to the Winter Palace. Nearby, a sailor - The Flying Dutchman - anchors. Drinking coffee we enjoy the magnificent view of the Neva. Before taking a close look at the Peter and Paul Fortress, we walk around the castle on the frozen river. A great, a bit queasy feeling. Because the police with its hovercraft takes care, that nobody walks too far. A few brave people are already taking a bath in an ice hole and then basking on the warm wall.

On the fortress itself it is worthwhile to make the paid Captain's Walk. Because from the roof, you have a very unique view of Saint Petersburg. We spend the whole afternoon at this district and drive back to the city centre with one of the last buses. In the evening we go to the Curryhouse for some Indian food. In the meantime a fresh wind is blowing and we are glad to have a scarf and a hat with us. With a drink at the hotel bar we end the evening.

It is Easter Sunday. Nevertheless, all shops are open. Once again we walk to the Winter Palace and want to visit an exhibition in the amusement center next to it. Unfortunately we are still too early so we look for a nice café. Suddenly we notice that the zipper on my backpack is open and my phone is missing. The hope that I forgot it in the hotel, does not come true. It was stolen somewhere in the crowd. How annoying. After we locked the mobile phone online, we get on the road again. The exhibition is disappointing. Different in the Fabergé Museum, which is housed in a beautiful palace and shows many beautiful unique pieces. On the Nevskystraße, one shop and a restaurant line up the other and we are looking for a few souvenirs. But we are sad because of the theft. At the Brasserie Kriek, which offers more than 100 types of beer, we review the weekend and conclude that St Petersburg is a very beautiful city, with wide streets, beautiful historic squares and more open-minded than expected. A trip in summer would be worthwhile, to be able to do boat trips and to see the many gardens in full bloom. However, time is already over for us, because tomorrow we have to go to the airport at 6.30 a.m.


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