Following our journey through Bali in 2009, we make a 4-day stop in Singapore. Of course, we immediately notice how clean and regulated everything is here. After the chilling weeks before, this is the exact opposite. Over 36 degrees and 90 % humidity ensure that we are never on the move without a water bottle. The contrast of the muggy heat outside to the extremely air-conditioned rooms strains us.

The stylish - for us much too expensive - shops in the Orchad Road can’t inspire us. But the extreme contrast between the old colonial style houses and super-modern skyscrapers do. At every corner, new breathtaking insights are emerging. Particularly around the port is a lot to be build, e.g. the Marina Bay Sands Hotel.

Also in Singapore, Hop-on and –off Buses are the best and most convenient way to discover the city. We particularly like the different quarters like Chinatown or Little India. Within these quarters you feel moved to another world. Buildings, restaurants, markets - everything fits the respective district. If you like tailoring, the Arab Street is just right for you. It is fun to haggle with the traders there.

After two strenuous days on foot, we decide to explore the city from the waterside on our third day.

Bumboats that travel regularly across the Singapore River offer a good view of skyscrapers, colonial buildings and the Central Business District. Along the river, there are several stops, from which the boats constantly start to round tours.

Also interesting are the harbour cruises, which depart several times a day at Marina Bay. They offer a good panorama view of the city centre and the huge harbour as well as the southern, mostly uninhabited islands.

Sentosa is Singapore's largest island. It has been turned into a leisure island for all ages and interests. But we don’t have enough time for a trip to Sentosa.

If you have to wait longer at the airport for the connecting flight - no problem. From the butterfly garden, over a koi pond to massage and relaxing zones, everything is there to make the waiting time pleasantly shorten.

All in all, Singapore is a highly interesting city where sightseeing, shopping and recreation are compatible.

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